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The birth of Margaret Eileen Rue was registered in the third quarter of 1917 meaning she was probably born between June and September 1917.  Unfortunately, she died in the first quarter of the following year. 

She was the second child born to Arthur Rue and Margaret Ann nee Collins.  They married in 1915 in Neath and their first born, Thomas Leslie was born in 1916 and also buried in September 1916. 

Margaret was buried in the cemetary in Neath, in the same grave as her deceased brother, Thomas Leslie. 

The only documentation I have on Margaret is the following receipt of burial.

Her parents did go on to have three children who did make it to adulthood, Arthur, Majorie and Terrence, although they did also have one further child who also died very young.  This meant they had 6 children, 3 of whom died as babies.
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