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The first record I have of Annie Walters is the 1881 census.  The head of the house called Lyewater in Crewkerne Somerset is Emily Walters a 23 year old shirt machinist who is unmarried.  With her are Annie Walters a lodger aged 19, unmarried also a shirt machinist and the 1 year old Sarah Ann Walters.  All are supposed to be from Somerton.

On 28th October 1885 Annie Walters married Oliver Rue in Pitney, Somerset.

In the 1891 census we see Oliver Rue a 29 year old agricultural labourer with his wife Annie a 30 year old laundress with "their" daughter the 11 year old Sarah A Walters.

In the 1901 census I have found Oliver, a 40 year old stone quarryman living on Somerton Hill Road, Long Sutton, but he appears to be alone.  I have not found Annie in this census at all.  
There is a Sarah Walters, aged 21 a shirt machinist, residing in Crewkerne Hospital in this 1901 census which seems likley to be ours.  Still no sign of Annie though!

I have found a likely marriage for Sarah Ann Walters, aged 21, in Crewkerne, to a George Pitman Perry, and no father is listed for her.  It does seem to me that Oliver probably raised her as his own, although she maybe wasn't his.

By 1911, Oliver (aged 50- still a stone quarryman) and his wife Annie (aged 48) are living together again.  They are in Rowley, Upton, Long Sutton.  They are shown to have been married for 26 years, and having one child.  This child was shown as being of both of them.

Ann Rue died in Rowley Cottage, Upton Somerset on 27th August 1946.  She was 85 years old and the cause of death was something to do with the Liver (cairinoma?).  The death was registerd by D Miles from Rowley House, Pitney.
Less then 6 months later on 13th January 1947 Oliver also died in Rowley Cottage, again registered by D Miles from Rowley House.

Rowley House and 2 Rowley Cottages appear to still exist to this day, although to what extent they remain the same I do not know.

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