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Winifred M Hopkins
Winifred May Hopkins was the daughter of David Hopkins - a stone mason.  She was born in Bargoed, Glamorgan in the third quarter of 1904.  She was living with her family at 63 Heolddu Road Bargoed in the 1911 census.  David Hopkins 40 a journeyman mason was the head with his wife 38 year old Ann and their 5 children : Alfred John aged 17, Elizabeth 15, Ann 13, David 12 and Winifred aged 7.

Winifred was 17 years old when she married George Rue in the Cardiff register office on 5th April 1922.  She lived at 37 Broad Street Barry and he lived at 2 Guys Road Codoxton, Barry.  One of the witnesses at the marriage was an Alfred Hopkins who would have been her brother.

George and Winifred had 4 daughters.  Winifred born 1922, Sylvia in 1923, Rose in 1925 and Rita in 1928.   All 4 went on to marry and as Rue's have pages of their own here, although I have gone no further than their marriages.

Winifred appears to have died towards the end of 1932.
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