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Thomas was born on 8th May 1888 in Llansannor, Bridgend, Glamorgan.  He was the second child of Edward Rue a farm labourer and his wife Mary nee Jenkins, although their first child, David had died very soon after birth in 1886.

Thomas was baptised on 17th June 1888 in Llansannor.

Thomas had a sister, Margaret who was born in 1890 and although his parents went on to have a further 4 babies, none of these survivied early infancy.

In the 1891 census the family are living in Graig, Penllyne (various spellings found for this!) near Bridgend.  Edward a 26 year old labourer, Mary his 30 year old wife, their son Thomas aged 2 and daughter Margaret aged 6 months.

In the 1901 census the family were still at Tewgoed, Penlline.  Edward 33 was an agricultural labourer, Mary is given as age 42, Thomas was 12 and Margaret Ann was 10.

Thomas's mother, Mary died in 1909.  At that time the family resided at Trebellen, Llanblethian.

In the 1911 census we see Edward a 46 year old widow, a farm employer with his son Thomas 22 also a farmer and his daughter Margaret Ann, aged 20 also a farmer.  They also have a male lodger, a farm servant.  The house has 9 rooms, which is large for the time, and is at Trebethin near Cowbridge.

Thomas married Beatrice Elizabeth Jones early in 1913 in the Cardiff area.

(Photo of Thomas and Beatrice Rue at their marriage in 1913 - couresty of Betty Rastin).

Thomas and Beatice had two daughters, Gwyneth Eileen Rue in 1914 and Annie Jane Rue in 1920.

Thomas also became guardian to his own half brother - Arthur Rue when Arthur's mother died in 1928 with Arthur aged just 4 years old.  Presumably as their common father, Edward was 65 by then, he was considered too old to raise the child alone.

The family appear to have lived in Llanfarach Farm in Llantrissant although I don't know exactly when they moved there - both daughters appear to have been born there.

(Photo of Llanfarach Farm, Groesfaen, Pontyclun, courtesy of Betty Rastin).

Thomas's daughter Gwyneth married in 1933.

Thomas died on 7th January 1935 when he would have been 46.  He was still living at Llanfarach Farm.  I do not know the cause of death but he was intestate, which means he did not leave a will - I would assume that since he did have some property and wealth that this means his death was unexpected.
In the probate Thomas's estate was left to his wife Beatrice and his daughter Gwyneth (then Gwyneth Radford - residing at Mid Farm).  I assume Annie was not mentioned as she was only 15 and therefore not of full age.

Beatrice continued to live at Llanfarach Farm until her own death in 1945.
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