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Elizabeth was born in 1842, an illigitamate child born to Mary Anne Rue. 

She was baptised as Elizabeth Jane Classey Rue at age 5 years on 20th June 1847 in Pitney, although no father was listed, she appears to have taken the Classey name of her mothers husband at the time, James Classey.  This may be an indication of her parenthood, although we may never know for sure.

James then dies, being buried in Pitney in 1845 aged 42.   Mary Ann then marries a George Classey in 1848.

In the 1851 census in High Ham we see Mary Ann with George Classey and their children including the 8 year old "Elizabeth Jane Rue Classey".

In the 1861 census Elizabeth Classey is shown as agd 18, a house servant of Henry Wheeler and his wife Caroline. He is a farmer of 140 acres and lives in Curry Rivell.

In the 1871 census the 27 year old Elizabeth Classey is shown as a domestic servant, still with Henry Wheller who is now a widowed retired farmer.

In the 1881 census she was  an unmarried 36 year old servant in the house of Mr Henry & Mrs Mary Wheller in Curry Rivell.

Elizabeth died on 1st November 1885 in the Taunton and Somerset Hospital in Taunton, she was a spinster and she left behind a will. 
In her will she left her entire estate, then worth £154"10"0 to her half brother Edward William Classey and her half sister Amelia
Whitehead, both children of George Classey and Mary Ann (nee Rue).
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