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Jane Rue
Jane was born on 13th October1845 to William Rue and his wife Susan (nee Seal).  Although they had previous had twin boys, they had not lived for any longer than a couple of weeks, and so to all intents, Jane was their first child.

Jane was born in Pitney, although the family moved to Huish Episcopi soon after her birth.

In the 1851 census Jane was aged 5, and living with her parents and two younger sisters, Sarah Aged 2 and Caroline aged 3 mths.

In 1852 a further daughter, Ellen,  was born and then in the third quater of 1854 a further daughter, Mary Ann was born.  Both Caroline and Mary Ann died in 1854.
Jane then had a brother, William, born in 1861.
In the 1861 census, Jane was aged 17, her occupation was a "glover leather" and she was living in Pitney with her parents and 2
remaining sisters.

Nothing else is known of her after that.  I would assume she went on to marry, however neither a marriage or a death can be found as yet.
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