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Susan Seal
Susan was baptised in Pitney on 24th December 1820.  Here parents were John and Constance Seal and she apprears to have had one older sister, two younger brothers and two younger sisters. 
In the 1841 census she was 20 years old and still living with her parents and younger siblings in Pitney.  Her father was an agricultural labourer.

I do not have details of her marriage to William Rue, I only know that their first children were born in 1843 and at they time they were married.

Susan and William had a total of 8 children - 3 boys and 5 girls, although only 1 boy and 3 girls made it to adulthood.

In most census records, Susan was with her husband and their children.  In 1851 in Huish Episcopi, she was 28, In 1861 in Pitney she was 39, in 1871 still in Pitney she was 48, in 1881 in Pitney she was 52.

Her husband William died in 1887 and although their children had all grown up and left home, Susan appeared to be responsible for raisingher grandson, Thomas, the illigitimate son of her daughter Ellen.

In the 1891 census we see Susan as head of household in Pitney, she was 67.  Living with her was Tom, her grandson, a general
labourer, aged 17.

At sometime in the 1890's, Susan moved from Somerset to South Wales.  Many of her children were by then in that area, and her Grandson whom she had been living with married sometime in 1900.

Susan died on 3rd October 1900 whilst living at 63 Severn Road, Canton, Cardiff.  Her age was given as 71 years.  The cause of death was bronchitis.  Death was registered by her daughter, Sarah Harper of 2 Wood Street, St Marys, Cardiff.
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