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Baptised on 31st July 1825 in Long Sutton he was the second child of Stephen Rue and Mary (nee Austin).

William can be seen in the 1841 census as an 18 year old Agricultural Labourer living in Upton near Long Sutton.  He was living with the
family of James Viney a blacksmith.  It is not clear why he was not with his own family, who were relatively close by in Pitney.

I have not yet found his marriage to Susan, however in 1843 on 1st May, William & Susan Rue had their twins, Henry and Joseph
baptised in Pitney.  They are shown as "belonging to the parish of Long Sutton but residing in Pitney".  Both twins were buried in 
May 1843, Henry on 5th May and then Joseph on 21st May.

Born in 1845 was Jane, then in 1848 was Sarah Ann, followed in early 1851 by Caroline.  I have not seen the baptisms for these,
however the family appear to have moved to Husih Episcopi.

In the 1851 census we can see William (27) an agricultural labourer, his wife Susan (28) and their children Jane (5), 
Sarah Ann (2) and Caroline (3 months) all living in Huish.

Further daughters were born, Ellen in 1852 and Mary Ann in 1854 again probably baptised in Huish Episcopi.

Mary Ann died within days of her birth.

In the 1861 census of Pitney, we see William (38) a fisherman with Susan (39) and Jane (17) a glover leather, Sarah (13) also a
glover leather and Ellen (9) too a glover leather.

On 15 September 1861 they baptised their only surviving son, William, in Pitney.

The 1871 cesnus shows the family still in Pitney.  William (48) was a labourer, Susan (48) was also a labourer and the only child remaining
at home was William aged 10, also shown as a labourer.
Their daughter Ellen, can be seen living close by, still a Rue, an 18 year old servant in the home of Constance Salmon.

In the 1881 census, still in Pitney, William was aged 50, still a labourer with Susan 52, shown as living with them was their son William, 
aged 18 a labourer, whom I believe is also shown in the census in Llantrisant as a 19 year old general servant.  Also with them is Thomas
Rue, aged 8, their grandson - the illigitamate son of Ellen.

William died in 1887 and was buried in Pitney on 23rd August of that year.

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