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John Rue
Grace Masters
Sarah Rue
Stephen Rue
Mary Austin
John Rue
John is currently the very top of my Rue tree.

I do not know where he came from, or where he went to.

I do know that he married Grace Masters, from Long Sutton, on 16th February 1794 in Long Sutton.

They went on to have two children, Sarah in 1796 and Stephen in 1799.

At the marriage of John and Grace, both gave their residence as Long Sutton, however despite trawling through the baptism
records for that village and others close by, I can't find his birth. 
As all Rue's since then in that area are descended from him it therefore seems likley that he came from outside the area.

I also can find no record of a death for John, so it seems likley he died outside of the area, although Grace and the two children
remain in Long Sutton and the surrounding villages.
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