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Edward was baptised in Pitney, Somerset on 25th October 1863, he was the 5th child of Jacob Rue & Emma Ball, having two older sisters and two older brothers.

In the 1871 census Edward is shown as 8 years old and is living in Pitney with his parents and 5 of his siblings.

Edward appears to have been closest to his brother, Walter who was 2 years younger than him.  They appear to have moved to South Wales at around the same time.

Edward is missing in the 1881 census.

During the later part of the 1800's many people migrated away from Somerset where they had been employed as agricultural labourers as due the increased use of machinery, work was becoming scarce.  Many of these people went to South Wales where coal mining was becoming dominant and labour was in short supply.  I can only guess at what Edward's motivies were but sometime between 1871 and 1886 he moved from Somerset to South Wales.

Edward married Mary Jenkins on 18th March 1886.  He was 22 years old, a Labourer living in Llangan.  She was 24 a domestic servant living in St Mary Hill.  They married in the Parish Church of Llangan.  One of the witnesses was Walter Rue - Edwards brother.

Just before they married, on 4th March 1886, they baptised their first born - a son, David.  He was baptised aged 1 day old which does seem quite quick, and would suggest he may have been ill.  He died very soon after, although no burial has yet been found, he death was registered in the first quarter of 1886.  It is not known whether he died before or after their wedding.  The dates here are interesting, and also the fact that David was baptised in the Parish Church of St Mary, despite the marriage of his parents and the baptism of his later siblings all taking place in Llangan Parish Church.  At his baptism his parents are shown as Edward Rue and Mary Jenkins, supporting the fact they were not yet married.  Edward was a labourer.

An article in the Western Mail dated Friday 9th March 1888 entitled "Glamorganshire Ploughing Match" includes the follows extracts:
"Owing to the elements being so unprepitious during the past three weeks the above match has been postponed three times, and it was thought that such postponements would tend to mar its success, but all these imaginations were cast aside on Wednesday last, when the sun shone forth brightly, and Nature favoured the event with splendid weather."
"The match was held on the Maeseund Farm, which is situated a little over a mile from the Old Post Inn, and a fair attendance of spectators was ensured."
First prize in the "most serviceable turn-out in the champion and digging classes"  went to Edward Rue of Llansannor.

Edward and Mary then had a son, Thomas, born on 8th May 1888 in Lansannor, Bridgend.  At that time Edward was a farm labourer.  Edward's brother Walter appears to have also lived in Llansannor at this time, his first child being born there in 1889.

A daughter, Margaret Ann followed in 1890.  She was baptised twice!  Once on 24th October 1890 in Penllyn when Edward was said to be a "coachman" and again in Llangan Parish Church, aged 2 years on 21st August 1892, when Edward was said to be a "gardener"

In the 1891 census the family are living in Graig, Penllyne (various spellings found for this!) near Bridgend.  Edward a 26 year old labourer, Mary his 30 year old wife, their son Thomas aged 2 and daughter Maragret aged 6 months.

A further son, Edward James, was born 10th June 1892 but died within a few months.  A daughter, Edith Emma was baptised on 30th January 1894 but again had died by 26th March 1894 when she was buried in Llangan aged 3 months.  Likewise the next son, Walter Joseph was baptised on 13th October 1895 and buried 18th October 1895 again in Llangan.  The final child, another Edward was born 6th December 1897 and again died in his first month of life.

Thus despite giving birth to at least 7 children only 2 survived infancy - Thomas and Margaret.

In the 1901 census the family were still at Tewgoed, Penlline.  Edward 33 was an agricultural labourer, Mary is given as age 42, Margaret Ann was 10 and Thomas was 12.

Mary died in 1909 and was buried in Llangan Parish Church on 10th April 1909.  She was said to be 52.  At that time the family resided at Trebellen, Llanblethian.

In the 1911 census we see Edward a 46 year old widow, a farm employer with his son Thomas 22 also a farmer and his daughter Margaret Ann, aged 20 also a farmer.  They also have a male lodger, a farm servant.  The house has 9 rooms, which is large for the time, and is at Trebethin near Cowbridge.

On 18th June 1912 the widowed 46 year old Edward a farmer of Trebithin, Cowbridge marries the 37 year old spinster, Gwenllian Magdalena Kunerfrom Porth the daughter of a Jeweller.  They married in the Methodist Tabernacle Chapel in Pontypridd.

A son was born, Edward Severin Rue, on 16th March 1914.

Gwenllian Magdalena Rue died on 5th September 1919.  She was living at that time with her brother and sister at 6 Lan Parc Road, Pontypridd.  It is not clear where Edward Severin was, but Gwenllian and Edward snr were clearly seperated.  Gwenllian left a will leaving all her possesions in trust for her son Edward Severin.

On 4th October 1919 Edward then married Lucy Smith, a 38 year old spinster, a housekeeper.  They were both resident at Trebethen Farm.  It seems likley that they were already living together as man and wife but could not get married until Gwenliian had died, divorce being very unusual in those days.  This marriage took place in the Register Office in Bridgend.

It seems that Edward & Lucy then had a son, Arthur L Rue, born in 1924.

Lucy died in 1928 aged 48 years.

Edward died at Penyparc Farm, Llanharry, Glamorgan on 10th May 1951 aged 85.  This appears to be the home of his only surviving daughter, Margaret Ann, Edward having previously lived at 5 Sunnyside, Aberthyr, Llanblethian.  Edward left a will in which everything was to go to Margaret Ann.  There is no mention of any of his 3 surviving sons (Thomas, Edward Severin, Arthur).

Edward was buried in Llangan Parish Church on 15th May.

It does seem to me that he lead a long and sucessful life.  His parents and brothers and sisters were certainly not well off and early in life this also seems to be Edwards life, however at some point in the early 1900's he seems to have done well and certainly appears to have led the later part of life in relative comfort.
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